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The relationship between religion and science is a contentious issue, particularly among scientists and theologians, both of whom have an inherent interest in clarifying the role that their professions play in the world.


What are, for instance, the fundamental characteristics of science and how do those characteristics differ from those of religion? These kinds of central questions, dealing with both metaphysics and epistemology, are incredibly relevant to modern society, which is increasingly realizing the importance of science’s contributions to quality of life. Nevertheless, while progress in scientific discoveries is being made, religion remains in the background, still likewise central to people’s lives. The questions of science’s relationship to religion have, for all intents and purposes, existed since the classical ages when the first scientific methods were being developed. With this background in mind, it is crucial to remember that these sorts of questions have inspired lively debate for centuries, with the weight of many strong arguments behind them. The purpose of this paper is to draw the landscape of these arguments, their theoretical force, and how to resolve them. ...
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