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Karl Marx

His father Heinrich Marx was a lawyer by profession and the descendant of a long line of Rabbis. His mother, Henriette Presburg Marx, had a very similar genealogy as well. Hienrich Marx had to convert to Lutheranianism just before Karl was born because Jews were not allowed to practice law at the time. Karl was also baptized in the same church at the age of six in the year 1824. Karl was also sent to a Lutheran elementary school in his early years. He attended the Friedrich Wilhelm Gymnasium in Trier and graduated in 1835 at the age of 17 having studied for 5 years. In school, Karl excelled in languages and learned to read, write and speak both Latin and French very fluently. His language learning abilities would not abandon him throughout his life as later on he taught himself to read and write various European languages such as English, Scandinavian, Russian, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. After completing school, Marx enrolled in Bonn University in Bonn to study law and fulfill his father’s wish. Marx did not want to study law and was more interested in philosophy and literature so he spent most of his time at Bonn drinking a lot and partying. He also piled up a mountain of debt during his time at Bonn University. (Encyclopedia of World Biography) He also got engaged to Jenny von Westphalen in his time at Bonn. ...
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Far more than a philosopher, Karl Marx was a political leader and a revolutionary. He is the founder of modern “scientific” socialism, a view which presents the idea that in society no property should be held privately. …
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