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Soon, these rules became laws—meant to maintain peace and order in the society. They serve as concrete guidelines on people’s actions, and as constant reminders that bad actions merit legal sanctions. As laws continue to develop in nature and content, it became more prescriptive and controlling of people’s actions. As response, numerous ideologies have emerged—primarily aiming at reviving the essence of freedom. One of these ideologies is called libertarianism. On this essay, we will examine libertarianism in terms of its conceptual implications. After which, we will provide an analysis to be able to recommend needed alterations to strengthen its position. Libertarianism, as defined in the official website called Libertarianism, posits that man fully owns himself, and in effect, has the right to determine his own happiness. Self-ownership starts with the acknowledgement of the self as a separate and self-governing entity. The recognition of this specific uniqueness leads to an understanding of one’s intrinsic worth as a person—thus, human dignity. ...
In this light, through the actions taken, the ideal self-identity is slowly converted to a realistic self-image. Image is created not by the deciding self but by the judgment of other selves. It is on this logic that the core teachings of libertarianism are grounded. It underscores man’s responsibility in constructing his self-identity and in the actualization of this identity through concrete actions. In short, libertarianism places man at the center of his happiness. In order to strengthen the conceptual implications of libertarianism, freedom is infused. Libertarianism posits the right of each man to complete freedom. Complete freedom, in this sense, pertains to the absence of external control. Thus, man not only has the right over his own life, but also has the right against any unwilled external control. Willing becomes an operative word in this sense since the responsibility to control or to lose control over one’s life is determined ultimately by the self. Thus, for as long as there is consent, man may be subject to the control of other men. Slavery, in short, is approved by libertarianism if it becomes a consequence of free choice. Through this conceptual exploration of libertarianism, it is obvious that freedom is emphasized as the state of doing whatever one wants, for as long as it does not create harm on other people. However, careful analysis of its argumentation can help in spotting some of its logical fallacies. The major fallacy is grounded on the definition of the human person. Although man is defined as a free being—who is able to decide for his own happiness and must therefore be free from any unwilled imposition of other ...Show more


Libertarianism People have always equated happiness with freedom. As embodied in modern politics, entertainment media, and even in business principles, freedom provides the individual with the capacity to optimize his potentials. This definitive view on freedom gave birth to more specific ideologies, such as artistic freedom, political freedom, and academic freedom…
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Libertarianism essay example
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