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Charlie Sheen Name Instructor Task Date Part A: Case Study Charlie sheen is a distinguished philosopher in the modern times. He has fashioned a niche for himself in the Film and Television trade. Background Charlie Sheen was born in 1965 in New York, his original name being Carlos Irwin Estevez.


He was expelled from School because of poor grades and poor presence when he had a few weeks to his graduation date. Key Experiences In 1986, Sheen got a big boast in his film career when Oliver Stone engaged him in a role in his film the ‘platoon’ as a soldier in the Vietnam War. He wrote and produced his own movies in the year 1997 and 1998 respectively. Career Story Sheen was christened Charlie Sheen after his father had taken it up in honor of a Catholic archbishop, a Theologian called Fulton Sheen. His career started at nine when he participated in a movie fashioned by his father. In 1984, he did ‘Red Dawn’ to play as a high school scholar. Finally, in 1986 Oliver Stone selected him to act in his film the ‘platoon’, which was exceptionally successful. Sheen’s performance was stupendous as he acted as a soldier with major problems during the Vietnam War. Oliver Stone picked him once more for a function in his movie the ‘Wall Street’ that was fashioned in the 1980s. Unfortunately, Sheen had dissimilarities with Oliver Stone because he denied him the main position of his movie ‘Born on the 4th of July’. Personal and Family Life Sheen wedded thrice, had five children, a daughter called Cassandra Estevez born in1984. ...
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