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1.) Reading Comprehension a.) Describe how truth is to be determined for the following types of claims: SEMANTIC, SYSTEMIC, LOGICAL The idea of truth varies from the different forms of knowledge presented in different ways. Truth can be determined through semantics since semantics make up the meanings contained within the terms of languages, or the propositions articulated through expressions.


Empirical form of knowledge can determine truth based on the actual experience of an individual through events or things that happen around the environment. b.) EMPIRICAL claims there are the four different theories concerning the determination of the truth of empirical claims: Correspondence theory of truth Coherence theory Pragmatist theory Scientific Theory Describe each of these four theories for proving empirical claims to be true. Explain each one. Do not simply list them. Describe them and explain them. This will take more than one sentence for each one. Correspondence theory is an empirical theory of truth that was espoused by Aristotle that holds that truth is what propositions are consequent to a way things in the world are. In other words, this theory claims that a proposition is true as long as there are present and existing facts that correspond to it. Coherence theory accounts for a proposition’s truth that occurs from an association between that proposition and another proposition. In that way, coherence theory will assert that a proposition is true if it fits together and coheres with any other related proposition. ...
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