What's wrong with Rosseau's "The General Will"? - Essay Example

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What's wrong with Rosseau's "The General Will"?

Rousseau spent most of his time observing the society and its organization. Through this, he realized how artificial and unfair aristocrats treated the common man. Years after intense thoughts and observation, he wrote a book, “The social Contract”. In his book, he stated the origins of governments and their laws, arguing that no law was binding unless the people agree to it (Wraight 2009, p. 34). This book stimulated French thinking and became a driving force for the French revolution thirty years after its release. The general will The will can only direct the State forces to maintain its obligations, “the common good”, because if the resistance of the private interest makes it possible for societies to be established, then the harmony of the same interests makes it possible. The common thing between these different interests creates the social bond; and if there was no similar interest, then society could not have been formed. Therefore, the state should govern the society only with this common interest. This quote comes from Rousseau’s book; the Social Contract. ...
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A controversial French philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau focused most of his writings on modern thoughts regarding politics, education and literature. Born in 1712, Rousseau spent most of his life in Italy, Switzerland and France where he worked as a secretary, later as a tutor and finally as a music teacher…
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