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Discussion Questions on Ethics Name Professor Institution Course Date Discussion Questions on Ethics Question 1 Human beings have widespread characteristics that either appear naturally to them or are natured. Naturally, the characteristics that appear in human beings are selfish and greed.


This is the case as witnessed in many of the societies. It is due to this that it is important for the people around us to offer nurturing and support. This support is important for the development of the mind and other natural characteristics. Advice is that nurturing takes place at a young age. This is for the best results in the character of the kid as he matures. Question 2 It is the duty of all human beings to show care and concern for others. This is due to the fact that the kind of help and assistance offered to others is the same one reciprocated to us. This is also for the assurance of an environment conducive enough for their thriving. When showing the care and concern, its direction is to anybody that requires it. This should not only go to the people that we are related to. The reason as to why we do this is for the achievement of proper coexistence of people who can rely on each other in times of need having the fact that human beings are interdependent. Human character receives judgment from the deeds that they carry out. It is from this that the natural behavior observed and categorized. There are the various people who do not show any care or concern for their fellow human beings. ...
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