Techonology affects our life

Techonology affects our life Essay example
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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title and Time Date I was reading it, but did not understand it. The words that once used to create beautiful panoramas in my mind were no longer captivating me. I could not concentrate on the elegance of the narration, and neither could appreciate the rhythmic quality of the prose.


reading, and was now forcing me to carry out another action involving modern technology, in this case mostly referred to internet and cell phone usage. I always knew that technology referred to the application of scientific knowledge in the creation of a machine, tool, or a system, intended to solve a problem present in our life. But is it what modern technology accomplishing these days? I have been sensing this behavioral change for a while now; a persistent compelling to log in to my Facebook account in the middle of night, a severe drive to check my e-mail during a lecture, a relentless desire to steal a look at my cell phone for incoming texts during a group meeting, were few of the examples. From my modified conduct, I could claim that this modern technology, with its ever increasing presence and various mediums, was gradually enslaving me. But at the same time, I could contest that this panic is always adjunct to the emergence of all new technologies, and instead of fighting it, I should simply embrace it. In his article Writing Is a Technology that Restructures Thought, Walter Ong declared that “New tracks for thought are imposed by the newer technologies,” (30), but I do not strictly agree with his statement. ...
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