In Praise of Blame by George Sher.

In Praise of Blame by George Sher. Essay example
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In Praise of Blame George Sher talks about blame, about why we hold someone or something responsible for whatever has gone wrong in our lives. He discusses several reasons about why we may or may not blame a particular thing as to how it has affected important or even petty matters.


He has a few theories about it and sets about to debating over them one of them being blame’s relation to character. Sher starts off arguing against the Humean idea about how blaming someone depends on the person’s character. Someone who has a bad character is the one who can be blamed about things and not otherwise. He has different point of views regarding this and debates over them. The Humean claim is that we can only blame people if their bad side emerges because of the negative qualities – or a particular negative quality - they may have. Basically, if someone is generally a very bad person, he may be mean or selfish or rude, etc. then only he may automatically have terrible qualities and we can judge him depending on those. We may actually end up holding them responsible for whatever issue has taken place. On the other hand, if the person is actually very nice and due to certain circumstances he has not been acting well mannered and has been showing the almost nonexistent bad qualities, then we should not blame them for whatever mistakes they may make. Since they are just that – a mistake – which surely would never be made again. It is, of course, human nature to make blunders. Nobody is perfect though there are some people who are striving to be so even if they are not fully reaching the top line. People are well mannered and have good morals but they cannot always keep up with their expectations of themselves. They will slip up some day or the other. It may be because of some problems they are facing. ...
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