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Philosophy Coursework Name Institution Week One Question 2. According to Adler’s opinion “the political democracy of each nation is highly dependent on their schools content.” Most schools have a deficient reconstitution and in turn do not produce individuals prepared for high office and the responsibilities of citizenship in a nation that is deemed democratic.


Adler as a perrennialist believed that it is vital to educate young people in things that would be important in the long-term to everyone, everywhere (Adler, 69). It was Adler’s belief that it is these important topics that improve a person to become a better version of them and this vital topic is philosophy. Philosophy, according to Adler teaches principles and not facts. Facts entail details that change over time but principles focus on people. Adler believes that everyone was born with the same information, information we consider basic. Even though this information was there at birth, it was hidden and it is through discussion sessions with his students that this hidden information came to suffice. Adler developed a system of education that was based on the classics that was adopted throughout America. He believed that education is meant to focus on prominent works and thoughts that have been there throughout generations and recurs with each generation (Adler, 314). These works can only be taught through the study of philosophy. He believed these past works and thoughts were so profound that they have stood the test of time and are relevant in the present as they were at the time of their conception. Week One Question 3. ...
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