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Stereotype Paper Assignment - Essay Example

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As a black female, one experiences a number of social prejudices in the course of daily life and over the course of a lifetime. Many people act out of stereotyped images and expectations, and treat black females differently than they would others. Even when that difference is not intentionally harmful or downgrading, it can be insulting…

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Stereotype Paper Assignment

Does a person accept the judgment? Does a person point out the prejudice? In most such interactions, there is an added factor that makes the interaction not only hurtful, but also tragic. That is because in being treated as an object, one is not afforded the opportunity to have input that may be socially useful or personally beneficial. Being overlooked due to stereotypes makes one’s own role in social interactions to be seen as inconsequential. Even when one has expertise or knowledge, or good intentions or specialized experience, one is looked past -- unseen, unacknowledged, and unheard. Much of this problem can be alleviated through a simple reconsideration of social stereotypes, conducted in an effort to see people for what they really are rather than what our stereotyped prejudices tell us they are. In this brief paper, I will consider three short stereotypes that affect a black female growing up, and will point to both the effects of allowing such stereotypes to persist, and the fallacies that underlie their prevalence. I will put the lie to the stereotype, and in doing so, hope to effectively enlarge a place for myself and others like me in the realm of social interaction. Stereotype #1: Girls are not as smart as boys. ...
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