Deal directly with the issue of death

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Topic:  Deal directly with the issue of death The ‘Apology of Socrates by’ Plato is all about the scenario of death sentence being implied to Socrates and the way in which he confronts it. Socrates like others is not afraid of death rather he believes that fear of death is the nature of an ignorant man.


An intelligent person should understand the reality of life and accept death with full heartedness. Whereas in Seneca’s ‘on shortness of life’, he explains the life is not short as people think if it is used in the right manner. Nature has given enough time to human being to accomplish what they want. He sees natural phenomena as metaphor for life. So death is a natural process to him, which has to be dealt with courage and willingness. According to him human spirit should adapt to the natural law of death. He claims that human beings are bad soldiers who do not follow the commands of God. This is very true as it can be seen widely that human beings have always acted opposite to God’s commands and rules. It is natural for beings that are once born to die and accepting it is the wisdom in real man. In the same manner Socrates also suggests that man should neither fear in life nor in death. From his thinking we can understand the greatness of him. The first and worst fear of a human being is death and one who advocates fearlessness to death indeed is a genius. A man who is spiritually educated never will have concern in dying as he knows it is a hard truth. He will respect and obey the law of nature and enjoy both life and death equally. This is because he knows that soul is immortal and nothing can kill it or destroy it. ...
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