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Materialism - An Objection to Analytical Behaviourism

Through sense, human beings are able to think, dream, imagine, and even remember. For him all that is mental is either partly sense or stems from sense. For example if one feel pain, Hobbes claim that the pain is material since it is a motion in one’s body. Therefore, whatever is mental is material to ones body (Cornman et al. 163). Kinds of materialism: Reductive materialism- Claim that material events within a person are the material entities. Eliminative materialism- Claims that mental entities are non-existent since they can be removed from human beings conception of the universe Arguments for eliminative materialism. 1. Analytical behaviorism, which analyses psychological expressions meaning within a language. 2. One does not need mental entities to explain certain purposes. In other words, that there is no relationship whatsoever between mental entities and human behavior and hence there is no need to use them such explanations. Because of that, mental entities can therefore be eliminated. Analysis of analytical behaviorism. Analytical behaviorism contents that in as much as psychological terms may be used in sentences, there is no need for one to conclude that mental entities exist since those sentences can be changed and use terms that are only related to material events and items as well as states. That not withstanding, analytical behaviorist hold that can still be materialists since acknowledge that something is true does no necessarily mean that you will commit yourself to it or that you will start following its tenets (Cornman et al. 164) . ...
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The theory of materialism states that any that has existence is material and that whatever is mental either has no existence or can be identified with material objects. This theory was first put forward by Thomas Hobbes who claimed that sense is what brings about materialism…
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