Can We Prove the Existence of God?

Can We Prove the Existence of God? Essay example
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Student Name Professor Name Philosophy 6 November 2011 Can We Prove the Existence of God? People differ and that is why there are various points of view upon the things around them. It is necessary to stress that the existence of God is not an exclusion from this rule.


Someone properly planned our bodies and then did his best in order to realize this plan. This someone is God. I am Christian and believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. However, it is not the only reason why I am sure that everything on the Planet is created by God. I am not the only person who has this point of view. There are also numerous arguments that will prove the existence of God. For instance, cosmos is a magnificent result of someone’s thorough work. It is not just a theory; this point of view was proved by one of the medieval philosophers – Saint Thomas Aquinas. This philosopher gave birth to cosmological arguments that prove the existence of God. It turns out that people only need to look deeper at the world around them, especially at cosmos. This will help them to see themselves the arguments that prove the existence of God. Aquinas managed to prove that reason and faith are closely connected with each other. Thus, he suggested several arguments to prove that everything was created by God. All of them are based on one major idea. It is the one form contingency. Saint Thomas Aquinas applied this argument to demonstrate that everything in the world is dependent upon something. Nothing can exist separately. The world looks like some properly planned interdependent system of various elements that need each other. ...
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