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Possible Solution to Descartes' Mind-Body Problem

The question that remains to be asked is – if ever the mind and the body can have an interaction, then how is it possible? Descartes answer to this question is – “I was unable to give any explanation” (Descartes 1969:162). Furthermore, he contended that that this rather hypothetical interaction between the mind and the body is merely an “arbitrary” one and something that cannot be proven by science. Nevertheless, contrary to what Descartes had thought, modern science proves that the interaction between the mind and the body is not arbitrary and is supported by evidence on the effects of medications on the mind and the body as well as the James-Lange theory of emotion. The interaction between the mind and the body is not arbitrary, as Descartes has claimed. TheFreeDictionary.com defines the word “arbitrary” as something “determined by chance, whim or impulse” or “subject to individual judgment or preference.” The interaction between the mind and the body, however, is not defined by chance or individual judgment but by definite cause and effect. ...Show more


A Possible Solution to Descartes’ Mind-Body Problem (name) (subject) (teacher) (date)                 A Possible Solution to Descartes’ Mind-Body Problem For 17th century French philosopher Rene Descartes, the mind and the body exist independently of each other: “It is certain that I [that is, my mind, by which I am what I am] is entirely and truly distinct from my body, and may exist without it” (Descartes 1969:164)…
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