What's "the Good" of Plato's Republic?

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“The form of good-in-itself” is the idea derived from Plato’s Republic making him to be recognized as a philosopher. However Plato has not said much about the idea as seen in this material. The relationship between the cave, the divided line and the sun; dramatic images that were used by Plato in coming up with the idea of form of good in itself are discussed in essence by this paper.


The relationship between the cave, the divided line and the sun should be considered using allegory application and applied as a whole1. Thesis statement: Contribution of Plato about the form of good in itself might be seen to be small in quantity but big in quality. Divided line In the cave, divided line is said to be parallel to ascent which is described in the cave parable implying that for all terms in epistemological promotion there exist corresponding different objects or object. Looking at the analogy of divided line, it is worth noting that forms are different from things which are perceptible. Also, accessing epistemic things is not related in any way to intelligent forms. The cave In the cave case, is not indicated whether it is parallel or corresponding to the divided line. However, four categories of objects are given in the cave such as2: I. Echoes and shadows II. Artifacts which cast the shadows and are puppetlike III. The sun IV. The animals and people who stand for artifacts. ...
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