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What is Philosophy? Philosophical Issues. - Essay Example

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While the study of Metaphysics and Epistemology are the core important issues in philosophy, Ethics is considered an issue that is close to the daily problems that people deal with, and that is a matter that should not be overlooked…

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What is Philosophy? Philosophical Issues.

Many times it has been the case that those who study and practice philosophy tend to focus too much on the subject of the logos and telos, while overlooking the value of ethos. Ethical issues are always constant, and it is a pressing matter in life than trying to figure the existence of reality.
2.) Which of the philosophical issues covered this semester has meant anything to you personally and why so?  The issue of Ethics still has a more personal value among the other philosophical issues covered this semester. The reason behind this is that knowing how to live and maintain conduct in daily activities has a greater relevance to life than trying to understand the nature of existence or the origin of knowledge. When one walks into a public square or market these days, it is not like people will be easily fascinated or even interested to know anything about Metaphysics or Epistemology. People in general do not take seriously the question of what reality is or the purpose of existence. People in general would prefer and pay more attention with how they deal with various activities and problems throughout daily living. The choice of ethics then is a pragmatic choice, as much as it is a personal preference. ...
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