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America’s Visions Different continents in the world have dissimilar myths about human identity. For instance, in America, the first story is on Emergence, which states that all human being came from a different world and settled in the one they are currently living. The other world, which is the womb, is considered as the earth mother. This emergence is often referred to as giving birth. The midwife in this case is a female who is like a spider woman. In this emergence story, the male human beings are not featured anywhere. In this case, the formation of human beings is often done in dissimilar stages of growth and change. This is necessitated by inner forces in the womb, and finally the people emerge from a hole and eventually settle in their present homes. The ex nihilo story is found in many cultures, America included, which means “out of nothing”. Human identity is brought about by the thought of a creator who through his dreams and breath was able to form a human being. Through the creator’s bodily secretions, they believed that a being would be formed because of that. This is solely from within the creator who does not exist in the physical world. Another story is the world parent, which describes the union of two parents when they are both disjoined from one another. These two parents are referred to as the Sky and the Earth, which describes the male, and female respectively. ...Show more


A cosmic structure is a myth or narration of the universe as it appears in the human mind. It states and defines how the world came into existence. The creation myth is the way the world came into existence, often accounted for in the form of symbols, poets to bring out what is regarded as the truth…
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