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Essay example - Philosophy: Creation Myths

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Name Instructor Task Date Creation Myths Introduction There are many questions asked about the rationale of life and its significance. Many people ask why life has to start with life and what the meaning of death is mainly because they are in a quest to understand their purpose of life in time and the space they occupy…

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There is a strong myth in the manuscript of Genesis which is accepted by everyone whether a believer in Christianity or not. The myth in Genesis connects modern things in science, which is accepted by many people. People believe that humans are the most superior beings on the universe as stipulated in the manuscript of Genesis. They also believe on the notion of the 7 working days and one day of rest. Despite the many attributes of created myths, they all spread the same message. Myths are so powerful because even after being challenged they always emerge more potent. Many people challenge myths by use of attitudes towards these facts and there are no new facts that are used to prove otherwise (Sproul 12). People ought to understand that they cannot stay without the myths because they provide meaning to life. These myths help individuals to comprehend things and give significance to life. People are able to understand the real world and argue things by use of facts. This issue is correct since it is often difficult to understand the personality of individuals. Many people ask who they are and how they can differentiate themselves from other people. Individuals use the physiological perception to distinguish themselves from other people. ...
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