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Should Dolphins be Considered Persons

Personhood is connected with a variety of theoretical issues with the most significant being that persons get better treatment that nonpersons. Although the terms human and person are used interchangeably as synonyms on a daily basis, the two words have a different meaning form a philosophical perspective.The word human is a scientific concept with reference to members of the biological category Homo sapiens. On the other hand, the word person refers to a combination of complex traits by which we define intelligence, self-consciousness and freewill (White 2007).According to recent research by scientists, dolphins have proven to possess sophisticated nervous systems, as well as a high level of intellectual and emotional ability. This characteristic of the dolphins makes it unethical for human beings to cause them pain and use these creatures for a convenience whereas, there is another way to achieve the same result. Diana Reiss, who is a marine scientist, has defined dolphins as “alien intelligence.” Diana Reiss asserts that the dolphin species are perfect model for assisting humanity to formulate ways of describing and comprehending the intelligence of non-human species. Anthropocentrism has led humans to be subject to bias quintessentially while investigating other species.Dolphins have the most similarities with human beings than any other species. Firstly, dolphins are mammals that bear their off springs alive, take care of them by feeding them via their mammary glands, and they are warm-blooded and have hair. ...Show more


Personhood is connected with a variety of theoretical issues with the most significant being that persons get better treatment that nonpersons. Although the terms human and person are used interchangeably as synonyms on a daily basis, the two words have a different meaning form a philosophical perspective…
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Should Dolphins be Considered Persons essay example
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