Polictal Phylosophy. What it it?

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Running head: POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY Political Philosophy (name) (course) (professor) (date) Political Philosophy Introduction Most people have varying political philosophies and ideals. Regardless of differences however, most people apply these political philosophies into their daily activities and their perceptions of political, economic, social, and even cultural happenings.


This paper shall be a discussion of my personal political philosophy. Specifically, it shall be a discussion of my liberal political philosophy, largely based and supported by John Locke’s philosophy. A discussion of my political philosophy as applied in the Iraqi invasion shall be established by this paper followed by a discussion related to gay marriage. My other political views shall also be considered, as well as the relationship of this philosophy with other political philosophies. Body I have a liberal political philosophy. By this, I mean that I believe in the freedom of the people to decide their own fates within the bounds of law and morality with limited interference from other people, other states, and from the government. I adhere firmly to this philosophy because I believe that man was by nature born free and possessing of these inherent liberties. As such, he is free to decide his destiny and his fate as an individual and as a free person (Gaus, 1983). I also believe that allowing the individuality of people to emerge can help ensure the favorable development of human beings. ...
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