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Taoism, The Principle of Wu-Wei

This paper will shed more light upon Taoism and the principles of Wu-Wei. Confucianism is a term which is very closely related to Taoism, a lot of can be learned about the Chinese people just by knowing more about Taoism and Confucianism. These are terms which reflect the spirit of the Chinese people and what they are made up of. The ancient Chinese society must be given credit for coining the term Taoism, the ideology and the beliefs of the Han nationality is often portrayed when people talk of Taoism. Ancient people in China used to worship spirits and gods and this was how this term originated. “Daoism encompasses thought and practice that sometimes are viewed as philosophical, as religious, or as a combination of both.  While modern scholars, especially those in the West, have been preoccupied with classifying Daoist material as either “philosophical” or religious, historically Daoists themselves have been uninterested in such categories and dichotomies. “(IEP.UTM) Taoism has raised a debate for the scholars across Europe; they have been completely discombobulated as to whether Taoism falls under religion or whether it falls under philosophy. ...
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Client’s Name: Course: 12 November 2011 It is open secret that China is very rich culturally, the economy of the country has also been doing very well but if there history is to be considered it will be found that the country has given the world a lot of admirable things…
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