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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Free Will With the introduction of the social and political organization in the society, man throughout the world has developed the urge to be at the apex of power. Power in most traditional and even in the contemporary society attracts respect, loyalty and to some extent fear.


This leads to the realization that in deed power inflicts corruption of the mind and absolute power corrupts the mind completely (Blaug 67). The statement that power has the ability to corrupt the mind has been vividly observed in almost every part of the world. Individuals in the opposition have proven to be some of the best leaders before assuming the throne. They articulate people’s grievances and would convince that they are the best to be mandated to lead the people, ironically, when they are eventually elected to power they change to be the known despots of the world (Curra 97). In support of these, the history of Adolf Hitler can serve as an example. Hitler was German who was incarcerated for many years allegedly for castigating the regime that was in power then, after serving his sentence, Hitler was unanimously endorsed to be the Germans king on premise that he had vehemently articulated people’s voices and out rightly was the best bet then (Lewis 56). Upon assuming the office, Hitler turn to be driven by the ever-growing need to conquer the world by claiming every part of it to be German’s territory. ...
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