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Name Instructor Course Date The Essential Husserl Edmund Husserl a twentieth century philosopher has depicted a vast number of issues in his writings. He has adequately covered the issues on indexicality and propositional content, intentions either horizontal or singular.


Husserl in his work refers to the theory of species as being weak in one way or the other. The raised objections over the theory is concerned more about the context of the system that is very sensitive. Therefore, an indexical experience that relies on the content has to serve minor role of a secondary propositional duty. Thus, it may end up determining the object, which may be referred to earlier. According to Husserl, for two experiences that are indexical, they have to have one object in mind because the moments of issue for such a case can lead to the same matter that is ideal. Husserl differentiates between the words and their general meanings while on the other hand the respective meaning of that word (Welton 163). This theory does not actually help to differentiate between the two types of meanings. That is, if perfect matters are intentional contents and remains constant, then, propositional content will differ. He further feels that indexical experiences are at times singular because they are involved in representing one object at a time or it may be a group of objects. For instance, a subject experienced at any given moment as in the real world as being special in all represented worlds that are possible. Thus, the potential or actual experiences can be attributed or subjected to the experiencing subjects. ...
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