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Albert Camus and the Myth of Sisyphus

The latter presents a situation in which we must ask ourselves whether this warrants committing suicide. However, Camus is interested in showing us the possibility of a third option that requires us to accept the reality that the world lacks meaning and purpose. This absurdism presents a situation in which any attempts of reconciling the contradictions in it are an attempt of escaping from it. In this regard, Camus refers to Sisyphus as an absurd hero by the manner in which he faced life. Sisyphus is said to have been condemned by the gods for eternity to roll a rock up the mountain only to face the situation in which the rock rolls down after reaching the top and he has to roll it back up again. In his elaborations, Camus uses Sisyphus’ case of punishment to represent the human condition. Just as Sisyphus has to struggle endlessly without any hope of success, humans also live a lifestyle in which they go through lifetime struggles and pains that they can never avoid. In this regard, Camus says that Sisyphus only has one option; that is to accept the absurd struggle in order to find happiness in his life. ...
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Name Instructor Course Date The myth of Sisyphus Albert Camus’ view Camus attempts to establish the solution to the problem of understanding the meaning of life through the myth of Sisyphus. This problem is actually established when there exists a conflict between what people want in this world in terms of meaning, order, or reason for living and what they find in the world in terms of formless chaos…
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