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That can be easily seen due to the nature of philosophical studies in today’s educational system. Philosophical thinking is seen as something outside the daily affairs…


However, there is a seemingly spell-binding grip by those who enter the study of philosophy. It actually sparks and provokes the mind, moves the soul and sometimes intensifies the passion of a person to know more about truth and meaning. The influence of philosophy awakens one of the strongest thirsts of the human spirit, and that is the thirst for answers to what matters most.
Philosophy is more than just a course that is found as an academic curriculum. Philosophy is a lifestyle in the sense that it develops one to find answers to life’s many profound and meaningful questions. It is both a pursuit and a path towards understanding the problems and issues one faces in life, and even in dreams. Philosophy is not only a study; it is a way of life. Philosophy is the pursuit of truth to the everyday questions of life and finding meaning to the ...
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