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Major Depression Disorder - Research Paper Example

Introduction Depression refers to the feeling of sadness, grief and disappointment in many ways. Major depression could at times refer to as clinical depression. Depression drives individuals into constant sense of helplessness and loss of self-confidence. According to research carried undertaken by the National Institute of Mental Health, major depression affects more than 6.7% of the US population under the age of 18 years. The research further unveiled that between 20-25 % of the American population are likely to undergo through periods of clinical depreciation. According to WebMD (2011), clinical depression refers to the feeling of sadness and lowliness during a particular. Allspych online (2004) in reference to accomplished researches states that major depression in human beings involves biological and environmental factors. Mayo Clinic (2011) reports that before actual diagnosis, health professionals have to determine types of depression and conditions that trigger each depression. Diagnosis of the major depression requires the doctor learn different and unique needs of various patients, health concern and compassion to the patient. The medical team dealing with a certain kind of depressed person conducts research on the patient’s past history and the look of the family of the patient. In some cases, the health practitioner may offer psychological exam to the patient to determine the level and impact of depression (Mayo Clinic, 2011). The doctors will also require narration of the

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According to the research findings depression can critically impair the ability of an individual to function in everyday situations. However, for persons with depression who obtain proper specialized care, recovery prospects are good. The improvement of this condition’s recognition as well as management is therefore a worthy goal.
4 pages (1000 words) Research Paper
The present research has identified that in modern medically advanced society, depression continues to plague the health of millions of individuals’ across the globe. In accordance with the latest statistics provided by the American Journal of Depression, the disorder is far mre common in females than in males regardless of the cross cultural differences.
4 pages (1000 words) Research Paper
Major Depression Research Paper
Relapses or recurrences of this illness are also most likely. According to WHO, Major Depression is not only associated with increased risks for morbidity and mortality rates, it is also major cause of suicide cases in adults. Clinical psychologists find themselves treating major depression as a very common illness hence it is important for them to have a thorough understanding of this mental illness in order to reach a correct diagnosis (Thomas 2010).
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Treatments of Major Depressive Disorder
According to the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-IV-TR), major depressive disorder is a syndrome with five symptoms or more among the following; depressed mood, agitation ,sleep disturbance, anhedonia , loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, fatigue ,feeling worthless occurring in a two week period (APA, 2009).
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Manic depression disorder
The complexities of bipolar disorder are genetically transferred in to patients along with the environmental factors that also contribute to the development of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder prevails in genders, men as well as women. The mood swings associated with it interchange from major or clinical depression to mania or intense elation.
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Major depression disorder
Research indicates that there are various risk factors that can aggravate the chances of MDD’s onset. There are several treatment methods that can be used separately or in the combination according to the severity and cause of depression. It is important to note that nursing management, psychologists and clinical specialists, advanced practice nurses can also play an important role in the treatment of patients facing MDD.
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1). Depression is no longer thought to be a state of mind, but a mood disorder that can present itself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Depression is split into categories based on
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Major Depression with Psychotic features
Common treatment options for this disease include electroconvulsive therapy, a blend of antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs, or cognitive behavioral therapy. Based on research findings, a blend of Olazapine and Fluoxetine are the
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How exercise can help with the healing of depression
It uses classical and landmark studies since the 1970s, although emphasis is placed on peer-reviewed studies for the last five years. Findings showed that physical activity, especially exercise, can treat depression as successfully as other
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How exercise can help with the healing of depression
Carek, Laibstain, and Carek (2011) noted that depression is one of the most common psychiatric conditions because it affects millions of people in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2011) reported that
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past events related to the contemporary disorder. During diagnosis of major depression, the medical professional will have to determine from the patient the extent at which he/she gets sad, anxious or empty moods among the ranges of symptoms related to the disorder. The symptoms related to the development of the major disorders and present in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorder involves sleep disturbance, also known as the insomnia. In addition, major depression could be caused by loss of interest and depressed mood. Furthermore, development of major depression on an individual correlates to upsurge of guilt and decreased energy. Moreover, major depression associates with impairment in the memory of an individual and change in the appetite. In addition, development of the major depression has close lineage with agitation and retardation in the psychomotor and desire to commit suicide (Pub med, 2011). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorder requires health professionals to carry diagnosis that entail thorough evaluation of the condition by the medical doctor. The health professional is expected to examine various kinds of mood depressions that include seasonal effective disorder and postpartum depression. The mental psychiatrists are also expected to apply the concepts of specifiers in gathering deep information about the condition of the patient. Specifiers help medical psychiatrists in choosing the appropriate method of treatment as well as aiding in the prediction of the course and prognosis of the disorder. Mayo Clinic (2011) elucidates that treatment and medication of the clinical disorders varies from one status to the other. Mayo Clinic (2011) adds that some patients of the clinical disorders will require subjection into short-term depression treatment while others will require lifelong maintenance treatment and med


Major Depression Disorders Institution Date Abstract Health care is the basis strategy for maintenance of life in the universe. For that reason, several initiatives have been made to foster researches in various areas of health care in order to enhance appropriate delivery of healthcare to all individuals all humanity…
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Major Depression Disorder essay example
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