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As for me, it is more than that, it should be a way of life for everyone including me and incorporated in every aspect in my life too.
I believe in Hinduism as my spiritual healer and my way of living life. I belong to a Hindu family, and I am a follower of Lord Hanuman and Lord Krishna. I am not a Hindu just because my ancestral religion is Hinduism, but I have developed strong faith in its teachings and values. My family had always stressed on the importance of understanding the religious values and beliefs by reading the scriptures in order to get an in-depth and accurate knowledge. They have been the guiding force behind my perfect faith in Hinduism ideology. After a lot of research and thorough understanding, now my psychological roots are deeply attached to Hindu philosophy I chose not only to abide by the values which Hinduism incorporates but also would want to share the knowledge I have gained with as many people as possible. This paper is an attempt to provide all the important information on the birth and evolution of Hinduism and its salient features.
Hinduism could be broadly described as a religion, culture and way of life. There is no specific timeline information about the origin of Hindu traditions. It can be said that it is a cumulative collection of communities, faith, beliefs and practices that have come together over the centuries. Its ancient roots are seen in the cultures of the Indus Valley, Saraswati River civilization and Indo-European people. Local traditions of these civilizations have entered Hinduism through the process of “Sanskritization,” whereby a regional deity becomes identified with pan-Indian gods and Brahmanization, the adoption of high-caste rituals by many communities (Narayanan).
The stages of early Hindu history are marked not by remarkable personalities but by the composition of philosophically sophisticated and entertaining texts that were transmitted orally and through the generations primarily ...
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Every individual has his own perspective and approach on religious doctrines and the belief in the presence of some divine authoritative power that allows the universe and its inhabitants to exist. Religion is often classified to be linked with faith or a divinely planned belief…
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