Death in Popular Culture

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Customer Name Course Instructor University Date Death in Popular Culture Introduction With the advancement of technology and the spread of wireless communication all over the world today Media has become one of the most significant and powerful tools of communication and interaction among people.


Today the type of media one uses and is exposed to defines the personality of the individual (Kearl 85). The media is subtle in its approach and yet so sublime in its execution that today it is the media that decides who is a hero and who is a foe. Because of its speed and interactivity today people use media to give meaning to the world objects and make perceptions about various phenomena. Media has the power of accentuating paltry issues and making them appear ever more significant to the masses. The stark imprints of media penetrate into our minds and shape our thoughts and behaviors and this is ultimately reflected in the society. This entire process along with its affects on the society is known as “popular culture” today (McKenzie 96). The popular culture in this contemporary world drives our thoughts and perceptions of different concepts in this world. Today we are subjected to movies, news, music, internet, games and a lot more under the banner of media. On the anterior media is of great help and use for us but on the posterior media is driving our opinions and have made our life materialistic and consequently we have become more hedonistic and pleasure loving, for instance we are least concerned today about the sheer truths and blunt realities of life. We hardly care about the deaths occurring in Africa of hunger or people dying of natural or human disasters in any part of the world. ...
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