Physican-Assisted Sucide Should be Legal

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Physician-Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Student name Instructor name Course name Date Persons who are against the idea of assisted suicide argue that if the procedure were legal it create a ‘slippery slope’ for ever-increasing occurrences of coerced suicide, the dying person’s family members pressuring them to hasten their death for financial reasons.


Persons who are for the legalization of assisted suicide believes personal autonomy, individual freedoms, which are expected during life should not abruptly and unnecessarily stop near the end of life. Another perspective is that since everyone agrees that terminally sick or severely injured animals are allowed a humane way to die peacefully. This rationale should be applied to humans too. A person’s sovereignty, their power to make decisions regarding their personal well-being, is stripped away by forbidding them the right to end their own life on their own terms. Self-determination, a right deemed indispensable during a person’s life, abruptly ends at the end of life, just at the time people needs it more than ever. What may be worse is the added indignation of forcible life-saving measures imposed on a dying person. People are kept technically alive while their bodies and minds are wasting away as their families watch and suffer along with the patient. Assisted suicide should be legal. It should not even be a topic that is debated anymore. American citizens are, according to the Declaration of Independence, “endowed with inalienable rights” but apparently the right to die with dignity is excluded somehow. The U.S. Constitution does not prohibit assisted suicide. ...
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