Adminstrative Ethics and Patient Privacy

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This paper is going to discuss how administrative ethics, values, beliefs, perceptions, and their interconnection. Furthermore, in the issue statement the discussion dwells on the current administrative ethics that are affecting patient privacy and rights


These include trust and confidentiality among others. However, in the issue discussion, the paper aims at understanding recent ethical problems from different perspectives. In conclusion, it supports the concept of penalizing violators of patient privacy. In addition, different forms of thinking used in this paper are also discussed. In summary, similar to any other right, patient privacy is extremely fundamental thus deserves respect. Introduction In administrative ethics, beliefs are described as an acceptance that the administration and the staff people perceive at the hospital as truth or reality to private privacy. It may also include a conviction or opinion that is steadfastly held by the staff involved. Values, on the other hand, are the significant beliefs or attitudes, which people acknowledge by choice, pride or articulate in action with a sense of responsibility and ownership towards patient privacy. Similarly, perception involves the selection, organization and interpretation of sensory data in a form that enables us to understand the world patients and their privacy. Perception can also be the way people interpret outside events and experiences into sensible internal comprehension. Alternatively, administrative ethics involves the principles of right and wrong that determine the roles and functions of administration officers. ...
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