Two Fundamental Conditions Determine What Each One of US Can Become

Two Fundamental Conditions Determine What Each One of US Can Become Essay example
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The feelings individuals develop about themselves through the experiences on self or identity determine what they become. The determinants of one’s destiny are influenced by the ethical and social development in addition to the deterministic factors.


The sense of identity which individuals experience is determined by the moral and intellectual development and it defines what one becomes in life. The nine positions or stages of students’ journey during their development were provided by William Perry and have been substantiated by research (West 61). The identity of a student is congruent to his or her attitudes towards the acquired knowledge. The first category of the nine stages of development is that of received knowledge or dualism. The basic principle of dualism explains how individuals experience problems asserting that all problems can be solved. The ability of students to obtain the right solution to every problem hence determines how they experience life and thus what they become. The identities of people are diverse in terms of their achievement in life. Achievers are those who are capable of solving life problems through application of the right solutions. The knowledge received by a person is obviously a basic factor which influences life achievement because it is through application of acquired knowledge that various tasks are achieved. ...
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