Varieties of Materialism

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Name Course Institution Date Varieties of materialism Materialism is a philosophical theory, which holds that the universe is mainly composed of material or physical objects. According to Egnor, mind under the concept of materialism refers to the element, part, substance or process that reasons, thinks and perceives.


Materialism of the mind holds that in cases where the mental type does not match the physical type, then it is most likely that two people may possess similar type mental event unless there occurs a difference in the type of their physical events. Graham views behaviourism theory as a philosophical concept, which largely depends on the behavioural evidence to make viable conclusions about psychological situation of a person. Behavioural theory does not rely or attempt to investigate the state of mind to draw conclusive view of individual’s psychology. Proponents of behaviourism theory demand behavioural change with reference to different situations to compile clear understanding of a person’s psychology. Behaviourism differs from the theory of functionalism since the latter relies on the mind and argues that mental states like beliefs, desires, aspirations and pains are caused by the specific functional cognitive roles that they play in regions of their occurrence. Functionalists hold that pains are caused by bodily injuries to create a belief discomfort in the mind and seek possible ways of fleeing the situation. This result to anxiety and weakness accompanied by conflicting desires and failure to resolve the impasse which results to moaning and depression. ...
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