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Fall of the Roman Empire and how It Relates to America Today - Research Paper Example

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Fall of the Roman Empire and how It Relates to America Today

............................................................................................11 References……………………………………………………………………………………12 The Collapse of the Roman Empire Executive summary Its own ineffectual governance (Gibbon, 2008) failed Rome. Perilous factors such as corruption, fraud, over taxation, extortion, embezzlement and overspending on wars were the initiators of the eventual decline and collapse of the Roman Empire. In the case of America, it is almost following suit and inheriting the vices from the Rome Empire of the past era (Murphy, 2007). Having the same problems of corruption, fraud and overspending on the military among others the American government is inevitably subject to failure anytime. The depreciating dollar value and the appreciating debts are hazards to the economy of America lest a quick rectification takes course. To fight this imminent fall, the Americans ought to swing into action and defy the ill-governing principles and take their economy back to normal. Introduction The fall of the Roman Empire is its gradual societal breakdown. Many scholars have come up with numerous theories, aiming to describe the causality of its gradual collapse. Most of these theories base their focus on the military, political, social and economic disintegrations, in tandem with foreign intrusions and usurpers from amongst the empire occupants (Murphy, 2007). The gradual decline has culminated through a period of 4 centuries. Numerous vile events, which had happened in the entire Roman Empire history, have worsened its decline process. These gradual changes can better be termed as complex transformations. Rome went through detrimental transformations in the administration, which profoundly implicated the entire regime negatively. A critical stage arrived where Rome was no longer a suitable or effective administrative centre for the Emperor to administer fro. Consequently, Rome had several emperors administered rule effectively. The eastern emperor launched a gothic war, which was extremely perilous. It affected the eastern domain militarily and caused considerable harm to Italy. Due to these wars during the seventh century, Rome and other Italian municipalities collapsed to their detriment to an extent that Roman citizens completely vacated it. The Persian intrusion of the eastern empire, during the seventh century, further weakened the Roman Empire perilously. Progressively after the Persian invasion, Egyptian Muslim warlords waged heavy wars on the eastern empire (Bury & Gibbon, 2004). This major blow detrimentally hampered and curtailed much Mediterranean trade, in which Europe participated, Following thereafter was an epoch of dominance by the eastern empire, which were periods of cultural blossom and recovery. However, its size was comparably smaller to its size during the classical regime (Gibbon, 2008). Being a regional power, it was located in Greece and Anatolia. Researchers and scholars refer to the eastern empire as the Byzantine Empire. However, to date, some researchers hypothesize that Rome rather adapted than fell. Theories on the fall of Rome When the Roman Empire came to power, there was no Christianity religion. However, during the sovereignty of the second Emperor, Jesus faced treasonous charges and the Emperor doomed him to execution. This led to his disciples’ persistence to procure more followers and win Imperial support. It took them a few centuries to obtain the ...Show more
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(Fall of the Roman Empire and How It Relates to America Today Research Paper)
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The Collapse of the Roman Empire Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Table of Contents Executive summary……………………………………………………………………………3 Introduction ……………………….………………………………………………….……
Fall of the Roman Empire and how It Relates to America Today
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