Medical Ethics in Film

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Name of Student Name of Instructor Date of Submission Medical Ethics in Film Love & Other Drugs Jamie Randall, a handsome Casanova who figures out his calling when he transforms from an electronics salesman wooing women to a pharmaceutical rep for a company called Pfizer.


Jamie faces no difficulty in getting women to go to bed with him, but after an encounter with a beautiful patient of one of the doctors he's trying to talk into buying from Pfizer, he's stranded. He senses a real association with this impatient, blunt beauty who wants sex but not a relationship (Gross 2010). In the form of Maggie Murdock (Hathaway), Jamie sees himself. Jamie soon realizes that he wants Maggie to be something more than the woman he goes to bed with every night. He is falling for this damaged but intelligent woman. However Maggie's solemn about not considering love or a relationship. Maggie has Parkinson's disease and the physical as well as emotional trauma left her reluctant to permit anyone to get too attached. Written by Charles Randolph, Marshall Herskovitz and directed by Edward Zwick, the movie is grounded on Jamie Reidy's entertaining chronicle "Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman." Centered on a mood altering concept, the movie gives an insight into the morals, corruption and exploitation factors on-going in the medical arena. The medical ethics presented in the film are related to the extent pharmaceuticals will go to in order to sell their drugs. All the halts are dragged out in putting across the marketing message to coerce the doctors to prescribe more Viagra™. ...
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