Modern Ethical Theory or Pragmatism ( choose one)

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Modern Ethical Theory Philosophy makes a proper study and evaluation of human conduct and this is done in the light of moral principles. These principles may be viewed either as a body of duties and obligations that a society requires of its members or the standard of conduct that people have constructed for themselves.


These theories have in turn been relied upon heavily in determining the parameters of ethical and moral conduct across different cultures and under different circumstances. These theories draw from the ideas of great moral philosophers like John Stuart Mill, Immanuel Kant, David Hume among others. Hume vs Kant vs Mill: Their different views on ethics and morality. By giving their views, all moral philosophers aim at describing the best standard of moral and ethical conduct. However, there normally arises a dilemma on which ethical theory should be applied because of the variations in how different philosophers view ethics and morality. These variations raise important questions in the approach to ethical problems and one of the key questions is the question of absolute good or relative good. Mill for example, takes a utilitarian view to ethics and morality. From such a view, the moral worth of human actions are determined by their resultant outcome (Shaw 32). Mill’s view of ethics and morality maximises overall pleasure by all available means. This means that the nature of an action is not a major issue of concern but its final outcome. This view therefore gives room for the breaking of some moral rules if this breaking increases happiness. Its main advantage is that it allows actions to be judged in a way that yields fairness to the greatest population. ...
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