Aristotle and Kant: Comparative Analysis of Ethical Philosophy

Aristotle and Kant: Comparative Analysis of Ethical Philosophy Essay example
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Aristotle and Kant are two philosophers that are well known in the field of ethics. However, before critically analysing the two philosophers accordingly to their philosophical framework.


Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, has formulated his ethical thought during the Greek period that became one of the foundations of the contemporary philosophical thought. Kant, on the other hand, has worked out his philosophy during the period of Enlightenment wherein there is already an advancement of knowledge system. Firstly, what is the most common between the two philosophers? It is mainly the thought of the good. The assessment of good in this case adhere to a more individualistic approach that values more the importance of doing what is right on the part of the individual. Aristotle, in his case, asserted that the idea of good can be questioned if it validity is indeed valid like one person getting what he needs for being excellent in doing something. In this case, the very foundation of doing something that is good, whether in thought or form, is basically on gaining happiness or pleasure. In this paradigm of Aristotle, there is a dominance of a very hedonistic approach towards human attitude on things. Kant, on the other hand, highlights the importance of will as one of the factors that greatly influence human activity. In this case, Kant points out that reason provides a crucial role for the occurrence of human activity which will eventually result into good or bad depending on the circumstances that surround the matter of the act. ...
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