Is Socrates “Form of the Good” Correct?

Is Socrates “Form of the Good” Correct? Essay example
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In Plato’s theory of metaphysics, there is some kind of reality that is beyond or even more real than what can be seen. This is an aspect of the intelligible realm which is comprised of absolute and eternal entities known as forms (Santas 106).


One of these entities is goodness or good, which is considered to be one of the causes of many of the things that are experienced daily in the visible realm. Something is considered to have a certain level of goodness because it participates in the Form of Good. According to Plato, Forms are the only things that can be known about, that is, they are the only things that can be considered to be objects of knowledge (Welton 20). In other words the form of the good, according to Plato, is ultimately to be treated as the object of knowledge, even though it is not really knowledge itself. Socrates, through Plato, is convinced that just gains its usefulness through the Good. I believe that Socrates is right in philosophizing that from Good emanates everything else, including knowledge and justice. Form of the Good Plato does not specifically say what the form of good is, but he does say that the knowledge of the form of the good is the most important or the highest knowledge that philosopher kings should aspire. He says “What gives truth to the things known and the power to know to the knower is the Form of the Good, and though it is the cause of knowledge and truth, it is also an object of knowledge” (Plato and Jowett 46). ...
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