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Are all animals created equal - Essay Example

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Are all animals created equal

Given this premise, he shows that the setting in which the animals work from must be considered standpoint before these animals are subjected to acts that is proven detrimental and harsh that will give rise to pain and pleasure (Singer 1989, p. 149). This provides that there must be a certain understanding of the act being done towards them like slaughtering for consumption purposes and experimentation in the medical. These acts invariably highlight that humans are superior from other species and they have the freedom to do such act since these animals are means to an end (Steinbock 1978, p. 253). The aforementioned condition shows that in order for equality to be achieved, there must be an elimination of suffering. However, Singer failed to consider that the conditions of suffering, pain and pleasure for animals is not really the same to that of humans since humans have an intrinsic capacity that animals do not have: rational thinking (Steinbock 1978, p. 254). This rational thinking gives way for humans to have a very utilitarian approach on animals (Singer 1989, p. 150). Utilitarianism tries to ensure that humans maximize the things present around them to achieve their needs and desires (Armstrong 2007, p. 2). Given this scenario, there is nothing that appears to be problematic since this only ensures that humans achieve and gain what they need like food for them survive. However, humans, in most cases, failed to understand and appreciate the findings of modern science like the consumption of alternatives to animal meat like soy beans (Singer 1989, p. 152). Since they have failed to recognize the presence of the innovations in the food industry that can mitigate the necessity to slaughter animals, they constantly resort to a very hedonistic nature of things in which the problems rise. There will be constant lavishing of animal meat and it is considered moral for some individuals under a utilitarian perspective. This is indeed true because this has been the convention of human beings for years. The maximization of the utilitarian approach allows them to use it for abuse and do not consider the effects of it. This will eventually lead to degrading of virtue ethics which are important for us to determine if our act is already morally wrong or right (Hursthouse 2006, p. 4). This presence of virtue ethics allow us to think things carefully before engaging in such actions that can be problematic because our rational thinking allows us to do so (Hursthouse 2006, p. 5). In the case of animals, there are already movements that recognize the animals’ intrinsic qualities wherein laws have been passed to protect them. If analysed carefully, this can be considered as something to be commendable since people have started to recognize that animals have capacity for feelings too and there is an attempt to clear superiority over other species (Singer 1989, p. 156). There is nothing wrong to recognize this situation. There is an attempt to clear the ambivalence between the separations of humans from other species. Since this has occurred, people have started to cross the line in order to understand further the nature of animals. Even if this has occurred, it still cannot be avoided that humans till act superior over animals and this problem is relatively the same about the problems of equality ...Show more


Name Name of Professor Date Subject Are all animals equal? On the level of moral philosophy, debating about equality of animals still remains contestable and questionable. There are certain paradigms that clash each other and there is also an occurrence of certain shifting between these paradigms that give rise to further complexity about the matter…
Author : malinda49
Are all animals created equal essay example
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