Philosophy Essay: Euthanasia

Philosophy Essay: Euthanasia Essay example
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Euthanasia Name: Institution: Euthanasia Euthanasia is the intentional ending of a living being’s life by act or omission to ease pain and suffering. Euthanasia by action involves an action such as giving a lethal injection to induce a person’s death. The cause of death by omission euthanasia occurs when the necessary and ordinary care or food and water are intentionally not provided.


There are different categories of Euthanasia such as voluntary, involuntary and non-voluntary. I am going to talk about Voluntary Euthanasia although its practice is still opposed by many people. According to McDougall, Gorman and Roberts (2008), unlike voluntary euthanasia, Involuntary Euthanasia is done by taking someone’s life without his consent to relieve suffering. Sometimes, non-voluntary is also categorized as involuntary, but the two are different. This is because non-voluntary euthanasia occurs when the patient is unavailable like in child euthanasia. There is a lot debate on this issue since this practice occurs because of someone else and not the patient. In most cases, involuntary euthanasia is considered a crime in legal perspective and this fact has made it difficult for other categories of euthanasia to be legalized. Involuntary Euthanasia can further be classified as either active or passive involuntary. Involuntary active is where actions are taken to cause death without the consent of the patient. Involuntary passive is where treatment to the patient is withheld or omitted to cause death without the patient’s wishes. ...
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