Media Violence and Imitation

Media Violence and Imitation Essay example
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Running Head: Media Violence Media Violence and Imitation Customer Inserts His/her Name University Name Word Count = 2000 Media Violence & Imitation In her article “Bypassing conscious control: Media violence, unconscious imitation, and freedom of speech”, Sue Hurley attempts to understand the effect that the portrayal of violence in the media (in particular entertainment media) has on the individual.


I will provide further details of Hurley’s argument and why I disagree with this proposition. Summary of Article The introductory section of the article presents Hurley’s thesis, that violence in the media cause an increase in aggressive behavior on the part of individuals and in turn creating a more a aggressive society. She states that her argument is not “paternalistic” as it seeks to prevent harm to third parties rather than harm to one’s self. The article then attempts to analyze previous research conducted on the relationship between media violence and aggressive behavior in individuals. Hurley begins with the clarification that: “Responses have been highly politicized, and proponents of each side have often been regarded as selective in their appeals to evidence.” She goes on to present key highlights in several research studies that reinforce Hurley’s original thesis that media violence does in fact cause an increase in aggressive behavior. This is followed by a summation of various cognitive and neuroscience research on imitation as a preconditioned human response that “bypasses autonomous deliberative processes”. ...
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