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Platos Theory of Knowledge

The final theory that he arrived at was that knowledge is true belief which has been “given an account of” – which means some kind of an explanation of definition has been provided of it. The theory of knowledge being justified true belief says that if one is to know that some scheme is indeed correct, the person should not just simply think it to be true but he should be having a logical excuse for that. One effect resulting from such an idea is that one would not be gaining knowledge simply because he believes something that was true. Platonic Version Plato’s theory of knowledge has been given in Theaetetus and it proves to be a substitute to the theory that Protagoras had proposed. Plato’s theory depicts reality to be the standard and belief and perception can be measured against it. It is how we perceive reality that leads to the creation of belief. One thing to consider here, before moving ahead, is that Plato’s theory of knowledge happens to be a theory of error as well as there is always a possibility of misperceiving reality and leading to an incorrect belief. Another thing is that there is no similarity between true belief and knowledge, although there could be a true belief merely through luck. ...
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Plato’s Theory of Knowledge Introduction Philosophers have been looking for the definition of knowledge since forever. It was around 400 B.C. when Plato, a philosopher of western thinking decided to tackle this issue and he brought up his own philosophy…
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