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Retribution for Slaves - Essay Example

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Retribution for Slaves

Nonetheless, the discussion in this paper focuses on retributions for the descendants of historic slavery, since it is held and debated more frequently. Historic slaves in the U.S. performed instinctive labor with no pay, which is against human rights. They were, therefore, at liberty to reparation and, since they are deceased, the money must go to their offspring. The idea does not stop to be correct in due course—legitimacy and justice do not terminating dates. The most significant idea is to ascertain whether the principle of retribution is right. A retribution court case against the United States treasury department was discharged in 1915, but later in 1920s reparation was made a section of Black Nationalist program by Marcus Garvey. The current discussion over retribution was intensified by Randall Robinson’s publication called “The Debt.” According to Robinson (17), the worth of slave labor for more than 246 years of American historic slavery is more than trillions of dollars. He illustrated that slaves historic slaves were responsible for the picking and processing of cotton that fueled trade and industry in the United States. Thus, there is the need for the state to establish autonomous community trust kitties that could dispense money into the communities of slave descendants to fund black-owned industries and finance education programs in these regions. Various professionals such as Professor Charles Ogletree of Harvard Law School and various lawyers joined hands to form the Reparations Coordinating Committee. The committee’s mandate has been to sue the U.S. firms that supposedly gained from slavery in the 19th century. Many opponents of slave retributions argue that the entire populations of past slaves are deceased and that their descendants are not warranted to get reparations for the loss of their ancestors. This is somewhat different compared to the U.S. administration’s compensations of living Japanese Americans as a result of detention during the WW II. Since these victims were compensated for their losses, the descendants of historic slaves are warranted to demand reparation from the government. There is no need to quantify the number of individuals that suffered, since all suffered similar gross humiliation of being deprived of their freedom. Assertions regarding the alleged gains of slavery and the slave trade for the victims are provisional and insulting, laid down against the great distress the descendants of African-American experienced. Besides being a territory of great opportunity, the U.S. continued to repress people of African-American origin for many years after the official end to slavery. Even in the current American society, African-American constitutes the largest population of poor social group. According to Winbush (213), retributions to the descendants of slavery through financial support will not to specific individuals, therefore; eradicating the practical problems of recognizing claimants. Slavery along with several years of oppression and prejudice after the Civil War directly injured the descendants of African-Americans still alive today. It is well understood that U.S. administration is a continuing institution that is liable for its deeds, whether or not people were there at the instance of the acts in question. Thus, whereas financial support is vital, the demand for reparation will promote the process of ...Show more


Your name Retribution for Slaves Retributions are an extremely intricate and controversial topic. It is worth noting that slavery was eradicated in the United Sates in 1865 by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…
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Retribution for Slaves essay example
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