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Leadership Philosophy

The effective leader is a person who has already developed a leadership philosophy which includes the core values that he holds to be important. The modern effective leader imbues these values into every action he or she takes so that the people around see him or her as an example that should be emulated. The incorporation of the leader’s own values into his or her own life means that the leader has effectively chosen the right direction in life. Not every person has the strength required to determine his or her direction and to stick to it in life as challenges arrive. The leader is effectively a person who has chosen a path and chooses to persevere on this path no matter what obstacles appear. In choosing the path, the leader has to sacrifice a number of things in life to set his or her priorities in the right order. Only this method of setting personal values allows a true leader to gain a direction that other people can emulate. ...
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The traditional face of leadership is giving way to more tolerant and innovative perspectives in the twenty-first century. The conventional leader was seen as an experienced veteran who learns to lead other people through experience more than through anything else…
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