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Religious indoctrination is wrong - Essay Example

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Name Name of Professor Religious Indoctrination of the Innocent: The Error in Methodology The power to mold and influence children bears with it overwhelming responsibility and it is widely known that it is occasionally used in wrong ways, just like in religious indoctrination…

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Religious indoctrination is wrong

Then, why is constructivism viewed in many schools as the lone method for instruction? Children answering question papers with a prejudice for another religious belief will be punished if they answer by their beliefs rather than in line with the indoctrination of their schools. Under constructivism, and as argued by Richard Dawkins, religious indoctrination of children is particularly repulsive since it conflicts with moral standards. A number of critics observe the presence of indoctrination in any effort to teach religious beliefs. There is a major debate about the description of indoctrination, but this debate is beyond the scope of this paper. However, this paper applies John Chambers’s definition of indoctrination: “intentional implantation of equivocal or debatable content in the hope that no matter what counter-evidence is produced the… students will continue to hold the content as true and never see it as equivocal or false” (Purdy 1992, 158). A relevant aspect of this description is that it helps to differentiate between education and indoctrination, which requires imparting information or knowledge with a truthful explanation of its merits. The present author thinks that in question are unspoken, and often unrecognized, arguments about the value of individual judgment and choice. ...
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