Personaland Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics Institution Date Moral philosophy is the term that at times is used to refer to ethics, thus clearly indicating that ethics is another branch of philosophy and it is the study of the specific moral choices to be made by a person and of the general nature of morals.


Accomplishment, ambition, confidence, determination and patience are among the values that stand out most in me. I say that accomplishment is a value I possess simply because I have an insatiable urge to complete whatever I start in regards to all aspects. I am not a quitter but on the contrary prefer to think of myself as a winner. I am ambitious because this is what drives me to achieving my goals and objectives. Ambition sees me through all situations especially when under a lot of pressure; it is among my greatest assets. When the aura around you spells confidence it pulls you up a notch higher to getting thing done since you believe in yourself and your abilities. Nobody likes having a low self esteem, so this is where confidence bails you out. Everyone with the intention of getting things done should have determination this is because it helps you to push on even when things are difficult, thus you don’t despair. They say patience is a virtue and I can be patient for a long duration of time and while being patient I take my time to reflect on different matters that concern my attention. Values last a lifetime. ...
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