The Gettier Problem.

The Gettier Problem. Essay example
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The premise has to be true for the examples of Gettier problems; otherwise they would also be probable and will have a possibility of being nullified by Justified True Belief (JTB). According to Gettier, if someone is justified in believing something then that thing must be true.


Or in other words, to able to believe in something one must have enough ‘reason’ or the evidence must be true. Gettier’s argument says that it is possible that a person believes in something that is justified as well as wrong at the same time. One flaw is that Gettier’s argument can lead us to cynicism because it is evident from our everyday lives that it is hardly the case when something is justified by satisfactory evidence that fulfills all philosophical rules of relevant evidence. Gettier wrote his 1963 paper refuting the ‘Justified true Belief’ JTB. If Gettier’s paper is considered true than JTB nullifies but the following example exposes cracks in Gettier’s paper.
S knows that P if and only if;
S believes P
P is true S is justified in believing P
And P causes S to believe in P
This example excludes the example of Gettier. And doesn’t believe in something as a given fact, for instance if there is a group of people and one person out of the group happens to be Brazilian, the above example cannot give me the position to state that I know that someone out of this group is a Brazilian since this fact will not be my cause for knowing. In his paper, is justified true belief knowledge of 1963, Edmund Gettier raised a problem which he argued and viewed in the traditional knowledge theory. ...
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