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According to Posner and Kouzes (2010), leadership refers to the ability of an individual to influence the behaviors of his/her subordinates towards achievement of a particular goal and objective. As a rule, leadership entails the direction of a group of people towards a specific…

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For a leader, it is vital to expose the employees in other areas of concern outside the office. Research analysts argue that getting out of the office is one of the ways in which the employees’ morale can be boosted. This makes the workers more enthusiastic in their jobs, and more engaged in their day to day tasks (Posner & Kouzes, 2010). For instance, outside the field, it is vital that the sailors are given a chance to work outside the office and interact with the public. However, this is only possible if the manager gives them an opportunity to show responsibility and liability in their jobs. This will minimize the chances of misconduct, since the sailors are held accountable for their actions.
For a leader, interaction with the juniors is vital if the business is to thrive. This may entail joking with the juniors, an aspect that not only builds rapport between the employer and the employees but also creates a positive bond between the two parties. From the case study, it is evident that there is a huge problem in terms of command and responsibility in the Navy system. The officers are known to be of no good caliber, always in the wrong due to breach of rules. If the juniors and seniors had a chance to interact, It would be possible to have a bond forming between the parties, and, ultimately, minimizing the pressures of the job.
Thirdly, both the professional and personal goals of a leader have to be balanced if their team is to succeed. In our case, the leader may adopt the system of having personal time with a different sailor on a daily basis. This would allow for the leader to understand the problems of his or her subordinates on a first hand basis. For instance, this would aid in uncovering the reasons behind the commanding officers breaking the Navy ethos and justification of their actions at any event. Probably, such employees need some attention and constant praise for the job that they do. ...
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