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Artificial Artifacts, Like Robots

These aspects of robots interaction with humans has made man to start considering robots as 'companions', rather than tools or appliances. Those who posses these machines do not seem to settle for a simple solution, but rather continue to invent and improve these machines to resemble human beings. The biggest question at this point, probably, is for how long would or should the human race continue to take this? Does it mean that eventually the robots may end up taking the world away from us? Does it mean that every human problem would eventually start getting robotic solution as time goes by? These are very crucial sentiments that must be addressed sooner rather than later (Tillrch, 2006). Impressively is how the founder of the artificial intelligence John McCarthy attempts to respond to the above question. He clearly puts his opinion on the existence of these robots that resemble human beings as a problem waiting to explode (Tillrch, 2006). ...
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Artificial artifacts, like robots Name of Student Institution of Learning Introduction In the recent past, scientific and industrial revolutions have yielded what man never thought would be in five or six centuries ago, 'The Robot”, 1 machine that has undergone tremendous advancement to the extent that by the year 2000 Robots started to resemble human beings…
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