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Drinnen und Draussen, by George Grosz - Essay Example


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Drinnen und Draussen, by George Grosz

At the left side of the painting (outside), people were seen as destitute, obscure, with a lame man with an amputated leg seated with a crutch held just below his armpit, apparently begging. There were more shades and the images of the people were not clear. A pillar supposedly served as a dividing wall to visually represent people from the inside, dressed in coats and tie, one with a cigar, and apparently dining in style. These people could be seen as having a good time surrounded by sophisticated and classy ladies. Other objects were clearly painted such as a lamp, a bucket of liquor, an ash tray, to name a few. The faces of the people are all clear exemplifying various expressions of smiling, waiting patiently, listening intently. The colors were also disparate with the outside people being painted in grey, blue, brown, touches of light greens and pinks in matte. The inside portion was more vividly colored in reds, tan, blue, white with clearer and illumined backdrop. Analysis One could deduce that the painter intended to relay the message that people seen inside dining places had the luxuries of availing the best of life. The people inside with faces painted in round, clear and donning happy expressions and are well-dressed signify wealth, luxury, richness. The dividing wall also symbolize the demarcation between the rich and the poor – as people from the outside manifest poverty, wanting in financial resources and appropriate access to health care. Their faces were painted as blurred

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The essay analyzes The painting Drinnen und Draussen, by George Grosz. From the painting, viewers see two different sets of people. As translated, Drinnen und Draussen means outside and inside; therefore, the two separate sets of people were represented in diversity. People were seen as destitute, obscure, with a lame man.
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symbolizing obscurity, loss of identity, nameless. As posted in the Journal Blog, the painter displayed “the realities of life at the time. He wanted people to be aware of the social inequalities that seem to be right in front of their eyes and yet few people noticed it” (Journal Blog, 2010, p. 1). This was corroborated by the article published by The Art Story which explained the works of art created during the era. As disclosed, “a unique characteristic of all modern art forms, from painting to literature, is the self-consciousness of the artist. In other words, in any particular work the artist will call direct attention to the fact that what people are viewing (or reading, experiencing, etc.) is a work of art” (The Art Story Foundation, 2011, par. 2). Therefore, aside from providing the viewers the opportunity to expound on the message, the artist has ensued that the painting, as described is a work of art in its complete and aesthetic form. Interpretation Viewers are therefore made to appreciate this painting also from the outside and inside perspective. From the outside, those who view the painting are led to interpret it according to what they see from the outside. The visual representation, as described in what actually could be seen: the images, the colors, the size and shapes. On the other hand, from a more in-depth (inside perspective), viewers of this art work would need to interpret the message being relayed by the artist. As stated, the artist could have intended to highlight the social disparity that existed during his time; and the callousness of the people, who apparently have the resources to help but do not, despite the needy being just outside their boundaries. One could also interpret the painting as a manifestation of a fact of life: that there are really different classes of people


Drinnen und Draussen Date Drinnen und Draussen Source: Yale University Art Gallery, n.d. Description The work of art entitled Drinnen und Draussen, painted by George Grosz, an American born in Germany, is oil on canvass with the following specifications: 31 1/2 x 46 3/4 inch or 80 x 118.7 centimeters (Yale University Art Gallery, n.d.)…
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Drinnen und Draussen, by George Grosz essay example
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